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A Wonderland of Love Where the Future of Talent Flowers

Today, various and comprehensive preschool education such as calligraphy, fast reading, paduk(go) and vocal music is on a high tide in our country, in order to find and grow talents according to tastes and aptitudes of the children.Great efforts are devoted to the development of intellectual faculties of the children and to their early education in many kindergartens across the country such as Changgwang Kindergarten, Kyongsang Kindergarten, and Taedongmun Kindergarten, bringing up a great number of world-class musical prodigies and little young talents gifted with distinguished abilities. There is one noteworthy thing here.

It is that the preschool education is not provided to specific kindergartens only, but it is provided in various ways to all the kindergartens of the country in the urban and rural areas and in the mountainous and plain areas, suited to the regional characteristics without any difference between the central and local areas.

True to the noble will of the respected Comrade General Secretary to open up the future of the prosperous and powerful country by developing our education into the most advanced and ideal one to which we can reliably entrust the future of the country, all the kindergartens of the country are competing with each other to grow up prodigies by applying systematic selection and proper education methods in due consideration of the talents and aptitudes of the preschool children.

Whichever kindergarten you may go, you can hear sound of musical prodigies singing songs and playing musical instruments reverberating from the sunlit windows. You can also find talents who are possessed with excellent calligraphic and fine art skills as well as young little graders of Takwondo and paduk which are permeated with the spirits of the nation. Superb aptitude does not immediately develop into talent.

From the olden times, a flower tended by a gardener is more beautiful. Likewise, our children are fulfilling their dreams and hopes to their hearts’ content under the grateful socialist system and excellent educational environment that find good aptitude in time and show tender loving care to it, lest its buds fade away. This is the reality of this land, a wonderland of love where the world-shaking talents of the children are flowering.



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